The Rage Space

The Rage Space

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Have you ever dreamt of being able to vent your frustrations by shattering everyday objects?

Imagine a place where you can freely express your anger, where you can let yourself go for a while.

This is what The Rage Space has to offer. Taking into account the circular economy, they give a second life to objects that would normally go straight to a landfill.

The Rage Space is a place where you can and may break anything without consequences. We offer you 3 rage rooms, a Zen room for guided relaxation and a creative space.

Just like in an escape room, you enter the rage room, but instead of trying to escape, you can release your anger and frustrations on everything in the room!

After each session you have an opportunity to reflect in our Zen room. You can, if you want, also use the remaining fragments of your anger to create a work of art or simply take them with you in a 'Rage Box' as a souvenir.

This concept brings together stress management, relaxation, creativity and the circular economy!

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