Tour à Plomb - Venue, Culture et Sport

Tour à Plomb - Venue, Culture et Sport

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The Tour à Plomb sports and cultural centre is a new neighbourhood centre dedicated to various forms of reflection, expression and creation in the cultural, socio-cultural, artistic and sporting fields. It is the responsibility of the Youth Service of the City of Brussels.

As it concerns neighbourhood infrastructure, making the Tour à Plomb centre available to the inhabitants of Brussels is a matter of priority, in particular for the inhabitants and organised groups (non-profit associations, public services and institutions, etc.) of the Bloemenhof neighbourhood. This area is bordered by Brussels' small ring road, rue Antoine Dansaert and avenue Lemonnier.

In addition to the activities organised, it is also possible to rent the various rooms of the Tour à Plomb Centre for events, sports or free rehearsals.

With its flexible floor, the gym is the ideal place for activities such as gymnastics, strength training and fitness, dance, martial arts, boxing, psychomotricity activities and circus. Table tennis can also be played, but ball games are not allowed.

This hall is equipped with a retractable grandstand and is suitable for concerts, theatre performances, film screenings, lectures, etc. When the grandstand is folded up, the space also lends itself to sports: dance, martial arts, circus, etc.

Capacity: 140 seats in the grandstand + 40 seats on the gym floor – 300 standing spaces

All windows can be darkened.

The foyer is an ideal space for exhibitions, screenings, lectures, conferences or meetings. The bar in the foyer can be used when an event is organised in the concert hall (break, before and after the performance ...).

Facilities: a large bar with sink, refrigerators and kegs, two storage rooms, tables, chairs and bar tables, DJ room.

This large space is located under the roof and can be divided into three multi-functional rooms by means of movable walls. The space provides space for exhibitions, lectures and all kinds of activities and events: homework clubs, literacy courses, soft gym lessons, language lessons, fairy tale and storytelling workshops, craft workshops, and so on.

All windows can be darkened.

Superficie Altezza Teatro Scuola Cocktail Buffet interpreti
Strutture per conferenze
Foyer - Bar 300 0.0 180 180 150 0
Gymnase 240 0.0 80 80 0 0
Salle de spectacle 0 0.0 140 140 300 0
Salle polyvalente 0 0.0 115 115 120 100
Superficie (piedi) Superficie (metri) Altezza Porte
Strutture per mostre Larghezza Altezza

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