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Enygma Partners sprl Enygma Partners sprl Enygma Partners sprl Enygma Partners sprl

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Push the boundaries of mystery, enter a theatrical setting, search every nook and cranny, interact with your environment to find hidden objects and solve puzzles and progress in your chosen scenario. Armed only with your sense of observation and logic, surrounded by your team of faithful companions, come to the aid of the world-renowned detective, Sherlock Holmes, to thwart the evil plans of the infamous Professor Moriarty, join Phileas Fogg in his wild adventure around the world or in the Nautilus or dive into the Amazonian jungle to discover a lost ancient temple and try to break an ancestral Mayan curse. Beware, it's a race against the clock! You only have 60 minutes to accomplish your mission and escape...

Located at the bottom of Mont des Arts, in the very heart of Brussels, Enygma is an entertaining and unique experience that is located at the crossroads of interactive theater, treasure hunting, and role play.

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