Aïda - L'Opéra Monumental


06/06/2021 - 06/06/2021

Aïda - L'Opéra Monumental

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Aïda, the monumental opera
150th anniversary

When Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) writes Aïda in 1870, he is then one of the most popular composers.

For the opening of the new Italian Theatre of Cairo, the viceroy of Egypt Ismaïl Pacha asks the Italian composer to honour the Suez Canal, inaugurated on November 17th 1869 by the creation of a monumental opera.

150 years later, Aïda has become one of the most performed operas in the world.

In order to celebrate this anniversary with dignity, some 120 musicians in adapted decors will pay a worthy tribute to this exceptional creation.

The prestigious chorus of the Opera of Ukraine, « the grand symphonic », an magnificent orchestra of 40 musicians and sublime soloists will participate in this spectacular adventure that will be presented in Europe in the month in the course of the month of June 2021.

The scale of the production does not allow it to be presented in a classical theatre.

Not less than 18 meter of stage height is required for this monumental scenography as well for the classical decors as for the spectacular digital projections.

This exceptional theatrical event will therefore be presented on Sunday June 6th 2021 at 15:00 in Palais 12 in Brussels.

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