Les challenges brassicoles et autres animations événementielles

Les challenges brassicoles et autres animations événementielles

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Are you organising an event where you would like to include games relating to the world of beer, brewing and tasting? We offer a variety of fun challenges and games relating to beer, prizes handed out on the spot!

The Beer Casino
During your during drinks evening or your organised night of entertainment, your employees, clients or guests will experience all there is about, wagering on bouquets, aromas, tastes and origins of beer to win big or small gifts. This is done via a blackjack table, specially set up for the occasion.
The Beer Casino is a friendly activity to enjoy while discovering beer, having fun and getting into the spirit of the game.

The Beer Whodunnit
This original and fun activity will bring out the investigator inside you.
As a team, you will be asked by the police commissioner to assist in a dark murder case. You have to solve a complex investigation, worthy of the best thrillers, using your brilliant sense of deduction. Using the case file given to you and your keen insight, you will investigate different locations in search of clues, whilst not forgetting to question the two suspects in custody. This realistic and interactive puzzle will immerse you in the world of brewing and beer culture.

Workshops "discovering beer"

The workshops include blind tasting of a pre-selection of beers, with the focus on the brewing heritage of both Belgium and northern France, an introduction to "Beerology" by learning tasting techniques on how to characterize a beer and discovering the techniques that led to its creation. Many other themes are to be discovered, and these we can offer to your guests or your staff during the event.

Beerology Quiz/Challenge

Split up into teams and answer questions all about beer : culture, brewing processes, history, different types for beer and even the the use of beer in cuisine. An unforgettable time will be had by all thanks to new discoveries, anecdotes and a great general atmospere. Beer tastings are possible during the quiz.

Beer Bar & Beer Cocktails

An original and high-end activity at the heart of your event! Our team of professionals offer a quality selection of craft beers, guide you through the tasting of the beers as well as the breweries from which the beers originate. Discover for yourself and share with your guests the rich diversity of beer. This is a class element to incorporate into your event, with free and open access all throughout your event.

Beer Conference

A total immersion into the history of one of the oldest beverages in the world. Discover how, through the centuries, the secrets of brewing have developed, what the impact on lifestyles has been, why this famous hoppy beverage has its place among all civilisations. With a minimum of 30 minutes duration, the conferences are available on several themes: biology of beer, beer in Belgium, northern France, etc ...

Gastronomic Dinners

True to its goal the bring regional beers to the forefront, l'Echappée Bière offers an exceptional evening in partnership with a starred chef : a gourmet menu accompanied by local exceptional beers. Objective: to show that, just like wine, beer can be a wonderful accompaniment to any meal, provided we know which beer to choose!

Client Meal and Visit to a Brewery

Want to share a special moment with your customers or partners? Take advantage of this offer : "Brasserie Lunch". A meal with a beer theme (beer pairings and cooking with beer) followed by a visit to one of our partner breweries, as well as a tasting session of local beers. The ideal way to strengthen or establish professional links in a friendly atmosphere.

Team Meal and Visit to a Brewery

Based on the same principle as the Client Meal, the offer consists of a lively meal on the theme of beer and a brewery tour or a beer-tasting session on your premises. Fun and friendly, it's an opportunity to strengthen the team spirit, or just have a good time!

Brewery guided tour

Come and meet the brewers themselves on a day or half day tour. A friendly atmosphere will make everyone feel like (re)discovering this little-known traditional drink, especially those from your area/region. The flavours of the beers will stimulate your palate and our guide will share his knowledge with you. This activity is ideally suited to a team made up from your clients, your staff or your partners (or all three!).

Please contact us to be informed of all activities we have to offer!

Location: to be agreed, tailor-made for event
Duration: to be agreed, tailor-made for event
Timetable: to be agreed, , tailor-made for event
Capacity: tailor-made for event, up to 200 people and more