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How do you go about explaining how the European Parliament works, in a simple and sexy way? The Parlamentarium takes on the challenge with interactive tools such as a 360° digital film, role playing for school children and an interactive floor map. The Parlamentarium is open every day, visits are completely free and can be experienced in no less than 24 European languages. Suitable for individual visitors, schools and families.

The ins and outs of how the European Parliament works, how European unification came about and how Members of the European Parliament address todays challenges are explained in an easy and accessible way in what is the largest parliamentary visitors’ centre in Europe.

• 360° film: be a part of the action live from the front row of the European Parliament and learn the process of European lawmaking.
• 751 MEPs: interactive tools let you meet your Member of the European Parliament. Who are they and what do they do for you?
• Interactive floor map: set off on a trip around the European Union and discover hundreds of examples of how the EU impacts your daily life.
• Listen to European citizens: sit back in a comfortable armchair as European citizens tell you what the EU means to them.
• Role-playing game for school children: school children are split into imaginary political groups to discover European lawmaking first-hand. The budding parliamentarians will be confronted with press conferences, urgent text messages and negotiations with lobbyists!
• A scavenger hunt for families: the Luna Game, a scavenger hunt for children aged 6 to 10 years old, is a fun challenge for the whole family!

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